Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Adho mukha vrksasana . . . oh yeah, handstand! Like our Ms. Mayo says, "Handstands make people happy!" But, like backbends, inversions can bring up issues such as trust, courage and facing the unknown. Turning our world upside down can feel scary and even with the core and shoulder opening needed to rock a handstand, we may be held back mentally. I've been in what feels like a yogaHANDSTANDproject lately and practicing handstand everyday for a while now. There is something about coming into the same pose again and again: each time it can feel like a whole new posture! As we visit and revisit postures regularly, they can serve as a vehicle to notice where we are physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally from moment to moment. So why not shift perspective and view the world upside down and soak up the benefits of this challenging inversion? As we find our own fullest expression in handstand (supported against the wall or scorpion in the middle of the room- it's all good!), be a witness to the qualities that arise. Options open up when we see ourselves do something we never imagined.

Thanks Erin for a fun handstand exploration this morning in class!

OM ~ Amy

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