Sunday, April 25, 2010

What do I need to do to bust out of this funk?

So, Shiva Rea made some interesting observations last week in teacher training about how to nourish our practice so that we are are equally exploring outward and inward. In an ego-centered yoga practice we might be looking for the next "bone" our teacher throws us to keep up our interest or we might be striving for what pose we will conquer next. Maybe uttita trikonasana doesn't have that same "zing" it used to, for example. Instead of leaning on an external factor (teacher, studio decor, music, whoop-de-doo pose, etc.) to bring depth and satisfaction to our experience of yoga, we could open to witnessing each moment in the practice though cultivating our truest intentions, breath awareness, noticing feelings, spontaneous creativity, and spacious awareness. Perhaps as we begin to develop a richer texture of our inner experience in our yoga, we will savor a more satisfying, potent quality in our "off the mat" lives as well.

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