Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Practice Outside!!

Summer's almost here (ok, we in the Pacific Northwest might need a little more proof of that!), and what an invitation we have to experience yoga in a different setting: outside. Our senses are alive outside with the smell of fresh air, the feeling of breeze and sun on our skin, the sounds of nature around us, and inspiring views to take in. All of our senses are in the present moment so we have an opportunity to really stay connected during the practice which isn't possible in a studio. The past three summers I've love practicing outdoors. I spent two summers in Bali in a steamy jungle setting with sweeping views of the Ayung river valley. All of the yoga students smelled of an intoxicating melange of bugspray and sunscreen and dripped in sweat. We watched birds and other creatures dance and fly in the green surroundings. Why would you want to be anywhere else but in the present moment there? Last summer I enjoyed teaching a summer series at Salmon Beach on a friend's deck right over Puget Sound with stunning views of the Olympic Mountains. Our Senses heightened; there was no need for music or anything else to infuse our practice with depth and rich texture provided by the blue water, sea creatures visible below, and infinite sky above.

I would love to have you join yogajoyproject for our summer SANGHA series practicing for 5 weeks Wed. and Fri. mornings OUTSIDE! Schedule of locations coming soon (we have so many fabulous offers from students to host on their decks with beautiful views, thank-you!) Also, Join us for our SOLSTICE WORKSHOP on June 20 (outside weather permitting.) Harness the energy of the brightest day of the year with us and shine bright!
Please visit for more information and email to register NOW : )

So Much Love~ Amy

visit the following links at for more inspiration to take your yoga outside this summer!

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