Friday, June 4, 2010


If we practice yoga like we "do" life, then how do we approach challenge? Is physical or emotional challenge any different? Really? As practitioners of yoga, potentially seeking the truest most open honest sense of ourSelves; is a giant emotional challenge much like a giant physical challenge? Eknath Eswaran talks about surfers to explain some of this. I thought this was funny at first, and then it made sense.
Earthquakes are disastrous, right? But a surfer who's heard the news of an earthquake will jump out of bed at 4am board in hand to go catch the biggest wave of their life! They've transformed a disaster into a force for challenge. What if we saw emotional earthquakes as a way to ride the wave toward greater self-awareness?
So. It's a big wave, a wild ride. And it's not easy in any sense.
But what if we took every challenge with a surf board in hand?


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