Friday, February 4, 2011

Yoga Stops Traffick 2011

This comes via Holly Menzies of Ashtanga Yoga Tacoma.

♥ Amy


  1. p.s. How cute is that boy at the beginning!

  2. Me thinks this might need to be our March donation event!
    108 Sun Salutations is the guideline!
    Shall we make it happen?
    check out their website:


  3. Our new studio partner, Ashtanga Yoga Tacoma, is already on this one. Thank-you, Holly, for organizing this amazing event here. Hope yogajoypeeps will show up for a great cause!

    Global Fundraising class Saturday, 12 March at 9am
    to benefit Odenadi Seva Trust in Mysore, India.
    Help stop human trafficking!

    There will be a special class on Saturday, 12 March starting at 9am to benefit the Odenadi Foundation in Mysore, India. Last year 1500 yoga practitioners took part in twenty countries to help put an end to human trafficking. This year AYT will join that list.

    Saturday, 12 March 9am
    108 sun salutations, with an intermission after 54.
    Participants may stop halfway, or stay for the duration.

    Suggested Donation $20
    Or pay whatever you can - your dollar goes a long way in India.

    For more info on this amazing event and on the Odenadi Seva Trust, visit