Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Y Yoga Movie

This is a link to a 15 minute clip of Y Yoga Movie. If you love it, check out the whole film! Gets to the heart and soul of the practice.
Light ~ Amy


  1. Thank you for posting this clip from "Y Yoga Movie"

    New link for first 15 minutes of Y Yoga Movie...

    In addition to the DVD of the full 88 minute documentary, I just released download version you can find at the blog http:YYogaMovie[.]com/blog

    The link to get full documentary is in the upper right of the front page...

    in Gratitude,
    Arthur Klein
    Yoga Activist and Filmmaker

  2. Dear Arthur,

    Thank you for your post. I love your film: it's beautifully done. I enjoyed hearing from so many different voices in yoga today and appreciated listening to the perspectives of some of my favorite yoga teachers and musicians. I look forward to your next work!

    with a bow,

    Amy Petty, RYT
    yogaJOYproject co-founder