Friday, December 17, 2010

Turning the Yoga Corner

Yoga student, Michelle, shared her thoughts on what it's like to start stick with a yoga practice . . . . .

Turning the Yoga Corner…

There are a lot of positions in yoga, but I’ll bet you have never heard of the “yoga corner”. I began taking yoga classes from Serenity yoga from instructor Erin and I must say that even though I knew that yoga was difficult, it was even more so than I thought. I found that for myself I had high expectations of being able to step in and be able to do it with ease, but that was not the case! I didn’t really enjoy it…I could do it mostly, but not in a way that felt fulfilling. I continued to take classes 2-3 times per week, as I had signed up for the new member special for a two month period and I had promised a friend to accompany her to these classes. So, I wasn’t thrilled to keep going, but I had agreed…so, it happened on a Wednesday; my yoga buddy hadn’t been able to come to class but I came anyway and we had a visitor to the class. That day it was just he and I and Erin must have felt a need to challenge this male person, so it was an intense yoga practice of one-arm planks and downward dogs and what I found that day was that I could do it and I loved it!
It took about 5 weeks (I’m probably slower than some), but I finally got to a point where I felt challenged, but able to engage in the positions in a way that was fulfilling and in effect, I turned the yoga corner.

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