Tuesday, October 5, 2010


All we have to do is observe the world around us and we see interconnection…The food chain, the environment, even planetary orbit, all have observable, though sometimes subtle, connection between each moving part of the system…And just as each part relays on every other part to sustain balance, so does the whole community, the whole system, relay on the individual to play its part.

Not only are these vast connections observable in the outside world, but also in ourselves. Interconnection is the very reason our complex body organism functions as a person…The digestive track, the circulatory system and the nervous system working together to foster life.

Just as unfathomable numbers of atoms swirl around inside us, so do unfathomable amounts of star and plants swirl around the universe. When you take the time to connect with that vast inner universe, you connect with the vast system of life, inner and outer. And when you connect with another human being it is as if two universes collide, and merge, and become one. And when you dwell in that connection you realize that on a bigger scale there is not two, but there was only one vast universe all along…inner and outer…me and you…him and her…interconnection…one.


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